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Four Rooms: Series 2: 3 x episodes

If you fancy pitching your wits against four expert dealers – this is the show for you. See also VO Page.

Grand Designs: House Of The Year

From an incredible field, the Manser Medal is awarded to the UK’s outstanding new domestic building

Great Pottery Throwdown

From the makers of Bake Off and Sewing Bee – the race is on to find the UK’s top potter

Health Freaks

If you’re convinced drinking your own urine – or spraying WD40 on yourself – works better than conventional medicine, then this is the show to find out if you’re right.

I Shouldn’t Be Alive: 76 days Adrift

The genuinely extraordinary story of Steve Callahan’s grueling mid-Atlantic shipwreck and his marathon fight for survival. Director: Russell Eatough. Editor: Seb Smith

I Shouldn’t Be Alive: Killer Crevasse

Two climbers, Jim Davidson and Mike Price plunge down an 80 foot crevasse. Only one of them survives the fall – and he has til sunset to get out, or freeze to death. Director: Chris Spencer. Editor: Robin Peters

The 90’s: The Last Great Decade

Ten years when cash was king, Clinton said he didn’t do all sorts of things…and Bin Laden’s warnings went unheeded.

World’s Strangest… Beach Beasts

8 x 45’ episodes for Discovery US/UK/CAN

Extraordinary science stories from around the world…like Dutch artist Theo Jansen, who has created self-animating creatures from plastic tubes – powered only by the wind.