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After finishing his Degree in Art History, Design & Film, Caius started work at The BBC as an Assistant Film Editor, working on numerous high-profile documentary strands; he followed this by a move into production, enjoying 3 years as a Director on Barry Norman’s Film programme. Since 1992, he’s worked as a freelance Producer and Director, across a huge variety of factual, entertainment and documentary output in the UK, US TV and corporate sectors.

Naked Science: Earth’s Invisible Shield

Is Earth’s magnetic shield failing ? There is some evidence that it may be….if so, life as we know it may change forever.

Nostradamus: The Truth

The brief for this project was to take a detailed look at the famous soothsayer’s apocalyptic verses and divine the truth.

Planet Mechanics: Heavy Metal House

The UK has an affordable housing crisis. Could the millions of discarded shipping containers be part of the solution?

Planet Mechanics: Water Wars

Jem Stansfield & Dick Strawbridge attempt to ensure the survival of the UK’s remotest youth hostel with some innovative eco-engineering.

Raising Lazarus

My first full-length doc: the story of Chris Kitsch, an ex-bag lady, as she finally gets an English Degree. My sister, Alex, designed and built multiple sets constructed entirely in cardboard, to help us tell Christine’s amazing story.

Real Story: Inheritance Tax

There are only two things certain in life – death & taxes. And when you combine the two – you get Inheritance Tax. Fiona Bruce tries shining a light on this contentious issue.

Rolling Rock

A curiosity: a test promo made on a shoestring – and on 35mm – for an agency pitch…and with lovely music written by Jim Meacock.

Sabre Tooth

A paleontological conundrum: why did these big-toothed killers suddenly become extinct ? Combining CGI, specially shot and observational actuality – this film aims to find out.

The Baby Mind Reader

Parents struggling to control the behaviour of their children are frequently driven to desperate measures – even if that involves ‘baby psychics’.


A corporate offering from – not your average camping trip.

What Not To Wear: Teenage Girls

A handful of insecure young girls get a helping hand in transforming their wardrobes – and self-confidence.

Wine Republic: Intro – my first foray into e-commerce, an infotainment website which offered this wine guide download to would-be connoisseurs.

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