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After finishing his Degree in Art History, Design & Film, Caius started work at The BBC as an Assistant Film Editor, working on numerous high-profile documentary strands; he followed this by a move into production, enjoying 3 years as a Director on Barry Norman’s Film programme. Since 1992, he’s worked as a freelance Producer and Director, across a huge variety of factual, entertainment and documentary output in the UK, US TV and corporate sectors.

Antonio Carluccio’s Southern Italian Feast

So, you want me to spend several months in spectacular locations eating food prepared by an eye-watering selection of chefs ? Oh, alright then…

Boudica’s Treasures – Revealed

The possibility of uncovering new long-buried artifacts is the perfect excuse to take a fresh look at one of history’s mythical queens.


They’re the ultimate double-act – one man and a wooden puppet. This film was made as an independent documentary, as five days of madness unfolded at the Vent-tastic Convention Las Vegas.

I’ll Show Them Who’s Boss: Tyred Out

A family-run Ford dealership in Wales isn’t firing on all cylinders…Sir Gerry Robinson attempts to jump-start it.

Le Mans

Shot over one weekend at the Le Mans 24hr race. Noel Edmonds was attempting to assemble an all-star cast to help him compete in the following year’s race.

Lonely Planet: Paris

A magazine format tied together with a presenter as she samples the delights of

Mindshock: Feral Children

Incredible as it may seem, there really are children out there who would appear to have been raised by wild animals…

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